Kremlin Inc back online at a new home

I stopped blogging about a year ago, largely due to time constraints with work (amazing the difference between having a full-time job and being on a Fulbright…).  Not too long after, Dartmouth pulled my hosting and my blog went completely offline as opposed to just dormant.

Various people have prodded me to re-up the content and continue blogging, so this is my attempt to do so.  I was able to restore the bulk of the past posts thanks to backups I made as I went.  However, there is about a month-long gap around June 2008, and the lastest batch (July 2008-January 2009) was copied from a cached version of the site and are thus lacking their associated comments.  Essentially all images have been stripped out as well, unfortunately.  Also, because links were set up to point on an absolute basis rather than relative, addresses pointing to old posts on the Dartmouth server no longer work either.  I will see what I can do to address these issues, but we may have to live with them.

I look forward to jumping back into things (amidst a contentious Ukrainian presidential election, no less), though will likely be more sporadic than in the past again due to time constraints.  I am working at PFC Energy now, and have largely shifted into covering oil, but remain quite interested in the same topics I was writing about previously.

The address should now point to this blog, and can be used for any linking purposes.  Feel free to email me (hstege (at) gmail dotcom) with any comments / questions.


One response to “Kremlin Inc back online at a new home

  1. Its so nice to have you “back in business”, I always enjoyed to read your articles. Ive already set a link to your new website.

    Wish you all the best!


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