Monthly Archives: September 2012

Energy consulting, background information and expert advice in Russia, Ukraine and the FSU

I have recently moved on from PFC Energy and am enrolled at the University of Chicago Booth Business School, where I will be completing a two-year MBA degree.  I am excited to continue in the energy sector and am still following my pet topics including Ukrainian gas politics, Russian oil industry and the geopolitics of energy in the former Soviet Union.

While I will be occupied with full-time studies, I am available for part time consulting or advising work in any of these topics, should my expertise and background overlap with a company’s particular needs.  I have already done some advising concerning a major Ukrainian industrial conglomerate and can offer an outside perspective with extensive qualitative and quantitative experience in oil, gas and economic topics withing Russia, Ukraine and the rest of the CIS.

Please contact me at for more information, including references and citations.