Kremlin, Inc. by Hans Stege
Examining energy issues within Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, and the rest of the former Soviet Union.

General areas of interest

  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Energy price negotiations
  • International exploration and production deals
  • Corporate governance
  • “Energy security”
  • Political involvement within the FSU’s oil and gas sector

Some specific topics I have been following include the effect of Ukraine’s political transition on the country’s energy sphere; the continued dispute surrounding the management of the Kremenchug oil refinery and Ukrtatnafta; the extent of financial difficulties facing Ukraine’s national energy firm, Naftogaz; the recent negotiations between Gazprom and Ukraine on gas deliveries; the future for Gazprom’s leadership, in reference to Russia’s upcoming presidential election; Oleg Deripaska’s protracted attempt to purchase troubled oil company Russneft; and the connections between the Swiss oil-trader Gunvor, the Russian government and state-controlled oil firms.

I wrote my senior honors thesis at Dartmouth College in 2007 on Gazprom and its relationship with the Russian government, and then spent the next year in Kiev on a Fulbright scholarship researching the relationship between Ukrainian politics and the energy sector.  I currently work as an analyst in the downstream group of PFC Energy.

This blog is entirely my own creation and does not reflect the views or standpoints of PFC Energy, nor does it rely on any proprietary or confidential information gathered there.

You can contact me by emailing hstege (at) gmail dot com.

This blog had been hosted on my college’s servers, but was moved to wordpress.com in January 2010.  As a result, many of the old links to previous posts no longer work.  I will see what I can do to address this issue going forward.

If you are interested in cross linking or bookmarking my site, you can link directly to http://www.kremlin-inc.com


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