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Firtash Arrested in Austria

Dmitro (Dmitry) Firtash was arrested in Vienna today on an FBI warrant for organized crime stemming from a 2006 investigation. Readers of this blog (from five years ago, at least) are well aware of his role in Ukraine’s energy sphere. He is most well-known perhaps for being the … Continue reading

Firtash and Privat resist Naftogaz’s encroachment on Ukrgazenergo as Gazprom prepares to enter Ukraine’s gas market

Protesters linked to Firtash and Privat rallied against Naftogaz’s attempts to replace Ukrgazenergo in Ukraine’s gas supply scheme. Protesters connected to major factories in Ukraine that have been sparring with Naftogaz over gas deliveries rallied on Tuesday in front of … Continue reading

RosUkrEnergo to remain Ukraine’s gas supplier

RosUkrEnergo’s tagline belies its reliance on personal connections to function in the lucrative Central Asia-Russia-Ukraine-Europe gas scheme – From On Friday an official from Ukraine’s presidential secretariat announced that RosUkrEnergo (RUE) would be supplying Ukraine with gas for the … Continue reading

Naftogaz’s financials are creating worry as Ukraine and Russia struggle to finalize their gas deal

Naftogaz’s debts continue to rise while deadlines come and go – from Despite signing a key agreement on the development of gas sphere relations over three weeks ago, Ukraine’s Naftogaz and Russia’s Gazprom have yet to draw up and … Continue reading

Privat’s Kolomoisky on Dniproenergo

Last week Ukraine’s 3rd richest man, Igor Kolomoisky, gave a candid interview to the independent online newspaper Ukrayinska Pravda. Kolomoisky is a key owner of the powerful conglomerate Privat Group and has a worth of $4.76 billion according to Focus … Continue reading

Tymoshenko moves against Ukrtatnafta

Tymoshenko and Naftogaz are reaching for a score with Ukrtatnafta – From / Getty Even as the government of Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is working to shake up the country’s electricity sphere, she is also attempting to reassert … Continue reading

Ukrgazenergo on the ropes, but gas intermediaries in Ukraine aren’t yet TKO’d

(2/28/08) – Update on my attempts to talk with Ukrgazenergo appended at the end of the post… Please excuse the metaphors, but they are in honor of Vladimir Klitchko’s recent boxing victory (for which he got hearty congratulations from Tymoshenko … Continue reading

Gazprom-Ukraine gas deal fallout leads to renewed pessimism from Ukrainian critics

Despite the transfer of $105 million on Thursday as the first step in paying off Ukraine’s $1 billion (at least) debt, talks between Gazprom and Naftogaz stalled and have been pushed back to this week over disagreements on the exact … Continue reading

Privat making moves in Ukraine’s oil sphere

Note: I started writing this on Monday but my computer crashed on Tuesday and I have been struggling to get it working again since then. I’ll follow up this post with one covering the further developments (including the reappearance of … Continue reading

RosUkrEnergo background, and thoughts on its future – Part 1, creation and key figures

Given recent statements from Russian and Ukrainian officials on the possibility of removing Swiss-registered gas trader RosUkrEnergo as middleman from the Central Asian-Russian-Ukrainian gas scheme, I thought it would be useful to recap the known history surrounding this mysterious firm. … Continue reading