Gazprom’s board candidates announced, and more computer problems

Update: Computer problems are temporarily fixed it seems, but still a rather touch-and-go situation which may cut out again soon. Also, the EDM has a piece about Kremlin-connected holdovers in the boards of state corporation. It notes Zubkov’s nomination (see below), and adds that Igor Sechin is up for chairman of Rosneft again, as well as other high-placed officials:

According to Vedomosti, presidential aide Viktor Ivanov, who chairs both Aeroflot and the Almaz-Antei arms manufacturer, will run again for the boards of those state companies; another presidential aide, Igor Shuvalov, who is chairman of Sovkomflot, Russia’s largest sea shipping company, will run again for its board; First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, who is chairman of the United Aircraft Building Corporation, will run for its board (as will Rostekhnologii general director Sergei Chemizov and Vneshekonombank chairman Vladimir Dmitriev); and presidential aide Sergei Prikhodko will run again for the boards of the Technical Military Armaments corporation and the Sukhoi military aircraft manufacturer.

This despite calls by Putin and Medvedev on the necessity of opening the business sector and keeping from excessive state involvement — except, of course, “strategic” sectors and firms (and profitable ones…)


I had thought I fixed the problem with my laptop by switching out some potentially bad RAM, but the issues have resurfaced and are severely hampering the use of my computer. Until I can figure out a fix–or I buy a new computer–I likely won’t be able to post anything.

Gazprom names board candidatesJust a quick note, Viktor Zubkov (Russia’s current PM) is included in the list of candidates for Gazprom’s board, with elections set to choose a new director (should Dimitry Medvedev ascend to the presidency, as expected) scheduled for June. While Putin had been rumored as a possible candidate, I doubted he would take the position; Zubkov seems to be a relatively safe bet though. The relationship between Zubkov and Medvedev, however, isn’t exactly clear.

Alexei Miller, current Gazprom president, has also been rumored to be preparing to step down due to health issues. While he’s likely to remain involved in the Gazprom Group (possibly at Gazprom Bank), his presence atop the company and at the negotiating table will likely be missed. Nailing down recent South Stream partnerships is a good beginning to a potential final act of key moves undertaken by Miller (with the help of Medvedev). Now that Zubkov is the favorite for chairman, my pick to replace Miller when the time comes is Alexander Medvedev, head of Gazprom Export.


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